Experts in trees, wood, and green energy.

We are leading experts in the field of arboriculture, forestry services, and wood waste processing in our country. In addition, we supply heat from biomass to over 60 companies and generate electricity from solar and water sources.

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We prune trees according to modern arboricultural principles.

Trees are pruned using climbing techniques and auto-limbers. The combination of techniques means a high quality service at a user-friendly price. After the pruning is finished, we take away the branches, remove the stump or plant a new tree at the customer’s request.


We cut and harvest forests, buy and sell timber, and supply timber piles of various sizes.

We look after forests and carry out reforestation, and we can arrange the necessary documentation for subsidies or take over the management of the forest for you.

Waste management

We use three forestry mulchers to grind shrub vegetation, branches and shred tree stumps.

The machines have a working width of 2500 mm and grind branches, stumps or bushes at a rotation speed of 1000 rpm. The ground wood mass remains at the point of grinding.


Japanese cherries

We transplanted 20-year-old Japanese cherry trees. The first one is already flowering.

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