Cutting down trees

We provide the following services:

  • Felling using rope techniques .
  • Cutting from the lifting basket .
  • Cutting with the help of a forklift or crane .
  • A classic forestry cut .
  • Mechanical logging .

We adjust the felling method according to the complexity of the felling and the possibility of access . The most important goal is, of course, ensuring the safety of the nearby infrastructure.


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A tree stump that remains at the site of a felled tree usually presents an obstacle during mowing, digging and similar tasks. In the company Tisa doo we also offer services such as milling tree stumps (useful mainly in an urban environment or in the case of felling individual trees) and mechanical mulching of stumps (more suitable for larger areas). With this space, where the tree used to stand, we enable the potential for a new purpose, and if desired, we can plant a new tree there.

Podiranje dreves in dvig s strojem oz. strojna sečnja
Strojna sečnja dreves: za posek dreves uporabljamo stroje.
podiranje sreves v mstu
Uporaba strojev za posek dreves pride prav tudi v mestih.
Podiranje dreves z dvigalom za zahtevne poseke.
Podiranje dreves z dvigalom za zahtevne poseke.

Common reasons for cutting down trees:

  • A dry tree .
  • Bad condition of the tree that cannot be improved.
  • Major damage to the trunk.
  • Greater damage to the crown and loss of the tree’s natural appearance.
  • Strongly damaged roots and weakened stability.
  • Construction of a new building on the site of the trees.

ISA Certified Arborist

We have an internationally licensed arborist on our team
"ISA Certified Arborist"
since 2008 and the first NPK tree care at height in Slovenia. The work is carried out by workers who have passed the AVTA and AVTB (Arboricultural Rope Technique) exams and have several years of experience.


Dr Lena Marion; ML-0334A

When the tree becomes too disturbing or even dangerous for the surroundings and the problems can no longer be alleviated with proper care, it is best to decide on a safe tree felling. Unfortunately, in many cases, the reason for felling trees is primarily improper tree care in the past (late start of care and improper pruning), wrong choice of tree species, inappropriate planting site or construction intervention that damages the root system.

Before cutting down the tree, consult an arborist who may be able to advise you on a solution to extend the life of the tree.

The correct felling of trees and the harvesting of wood is a demanding and dangerous task, the key condition for safety and efficiency is the selection of a suitable contractor.

Logging is a forestry activity that removes trees from the forest. The annual forest cut is the estimated amount of wood cut in the forest in one year. Felling (and harvesting wood) can be a very demanding and dangerous task in certain situations, but it is always feasible. It is necessary to choose the correct method and the necessary equipment by the contractor. It is also important that the contractor has taken out appropriate insurance in the event that, despite taking into account safety and the correct approach to work, a possible injury occurs in the vicinity of the felling.

The trees are usually large and can weigh several tons with the crown. When they start to fall, their movement becomes unpredictable and depends on many factors: the terrain, the shape of the crown, damage and inclination of the trunk, snags, bristles, wind, … Not all factors can be predicted and even the most experienced woodcutters find themselves in dangerous situations.

Proper felling of trees and choosing the right contractor are key factors to ensure safety.

If you have a tall tree in the vicinity of the house that needs to be felled or cut for reasons of safety, disease or appearance, call us. Professionally trained arborists will look at the terrain and advise you on what needs to be done. The safe felling of trees and the harvesting of wood are also complemented by services such as milling stumps or tree stumps.

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obrezovanje dreves na višini
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