Mulching of bushes and stumps

  • Mechanical cleaning is the fastest way to remove brush vegetation, branches and tree stumps, and subsequently enables the lawn area to be maintained with a lawnmower.
  • With forestry mulchers , we provide the services of grinding shrub vegetation, branches and crushing tree stumps . The machine park consists of a crawler mulcher with a power of 400 HP and a rubber mulcher with a power of 360 HP.
  • We also crush stones in the fields with machines.
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Mulčenje grmovja in travnikov z ustreznimi mulčerji

The cutters of the machines have a working width of 2300 mm and grind or crush branches, stumps or bushes at a rotation speed of 1000 revolutions/minute. The ground wood mass remains at the point of grinding.

Mechanical grinding of brush vegetation and milling of stumps are fast and efficient ways to clear larger areas. The work time depends on the terrain, overgrowth and the size of the stumps, so it is useful to contact us for a more accurate estimate. We conduct a free on-site visit and draw up an offer based on what we see.

Root milling and grinding of tree trunks is an effective solution for cleaning dead trees in larger orchards. The fallen trees are left in their place, and then the entire surface of the orchard is mechanically cleaned. The cutter of the mulcher reaches 10-15 cm deep into the soil and thus grinds even larger stones, which could otherwise cause problems when planting new trees later. Grinding also gets rid of undergrowth with roots.

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