Wood chips

  • We produce wood chips of different qualities and granulations.
  • We do delivery with 90 prm trailers.
  • If you prefer, you can use sieving to extract the fine fractionor provide superior uniformity of granulation.
  • We produce mixtures of shredded roots and wood chips for use in biological filters.
  • We also produce chips by order from specific wood species or specific granulation.
  • We produce wood chips for mulch.
  • We produce wood chips for high beams.
ales samec

Contact for woodchip sales:

Aleš Samec

He will advise you according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.

T: 031 714 883
E: ales.samec@tisa.si

Tradition, performance, reliability.

We have been producing wood chips since 1984. We are one of the largest producers of wood chips in Slovenia and the region. We produce more than 30,000 tonnes of woodchips a year. We have raw material for woodchip production in stock at our warehouse in Ljubljana at all times of the year.

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