Wood chips and cutter chips

  • We produce wood wood chips and wood chips.
  • Available from delivery by bulk trailer (90 prm) or by containers (40 or 80 prm).
  • Through various chopping, shredding and screening processes, we can offer our customers chips of different quality and granulation.
  • We also offer wood chips for garden mulch.
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Aleš Samec

T: 031 714 882
E: ales.samec@tisa.si

He will advise you according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.

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When buying biomass for energy, the water content or calorific value is important for price comparability. You can buy wood chips from us by the tonne of dry matter.

Three-step production of grits:

  1. Crushing with a primary crusher
  2. Crushing with secondary crusher
  3. Sowing with a sieve
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razlicne tehnike predelave biomase nam omogocajo prilagoditev potrebam kupca mala

We also produce wood chips for biofilters.

For several customers in Slovenia and Croatia, we have produced wood chips from tree hives and wood chips of specific granulations for installation in biological filters.

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