Tree pruning

We provide the following services:

  • Tree cutting in all conditions.
  • Tree prunning.
  • Arboristic sanation of old and heritage trees.
  • Stump grinding.
  • Planting and supply of trees of various sizes.
  • Arboricultural inspections and expert opinions.

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When is tree intervention necessary?

Trees are an important ecological factor in our environment. They contribute positively to air quality, reduce high summer temperatures in urban environments, shelter animals and provide oxygen, so their care is particularly important. Pruning or felling is decided for a variety of reasons – when a tree is too big for the space it is growing in, or if it is a danger to people or the environment due to poor health or static instability. property. The risk is increased in the event of high winds, ice and heavy snow. The ultimate goal of care is a safe and healthy tree.

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Tree pruning is carried out in accordance with modern arboricultural principles(ZTV-Baumpflege, ETPG – European Tree Pruning Guidelines, 2005, published by Tisa, d.o.o.).

Trees are pruned using
climbing technique
and by
mobile lifts
. The combination of techniques means a high quality of service at a user-friendly price. After the pruning is finished, we take away the branches, remove the stump or plant a new tree at the customer’s request.

ISA Certified Arborist

We have an internationally licensed arborist on our team
"ISA Certified Arborist"
since 2008 and the first NPK tree care at height in Slovenia. The work is carried out by workers who have passed the AVTA and AVTB (Arboricultural Rope Technique) exams and have several years of experience.


Dr Lena Marion; ML-0334A

Proper pruning is an important part of tree care

In general, a tree can be pruned at any time of the year. This is especially true for removing dead or dangerous branches. Pruning is recommended in summer when trees are active and can respond quickly by forming protective tissues at the cut site. Pruning trees in winter is practical as it gives a good view of the canopy.

Proper pruning of trees determines the future growth and development of the tree and, in the case of fruit trees, the number and quality of the fruits. It is therefore very important that the work is done by professionals who prune the trees correctly. At Tisa Ljubljana, we prune trees at height using climbing equipment and mobile lifts. The combination of techniques means high quality and service at an affordable, user-friendly price.

Objectives of tree pruning

Trees are pruned outside the forest for various reasons. The most important ones are:

  • Safety of people and traffic.
  • Clearance from buildings, traffic, construction works, etc.
  • Defined objectives with specific purposes of maintenance.

The most important goals of tree pruning are:

  • Structural adaptation of individual trees to the constraints imposed by the space in which the tree grows (e.g., creating clearance from roads or buildings).
  • Enhancement of aesthetic value of the specimen and its surroundings, preserving the biological value of trees and their unique features (microhabitats).
  • Prevention of branch failure that could cause harm to people and property.
  • Reduction of hazard associated with the decay of the entire tree or its parts.
  • Resolution of conflicts between trees or tree parts and neighboring structures (e.g., power lines, buildings).
  • Removal of tree parts affected by pests or diseases.

All these objectives are broadly defined and combined into one “desired picture” of the tree. Tree pruning should be limited so that the positive impact of the work carried out clearly outweighs the negative impacts due to the damage caused. Otherwise, it is better to maintain the status quo than to intervene.

Source: European standard for tree pruning (Kolarik, J. et al., 2021)

obrezovanje dreves na višini
Kombinirana uporaba vrvne tehnike in avtodvigala.
Obrezovanje dreves na višini: Uporaba vrvne tehnike na spomeniško zaščiteni platani na Streliški cesti v Ljubljani.
Uporaba vrvne tehnike na spomeniško zaščiteni platani na Streliški cesti v Ljubljani.
Obrezovanje dreves na višini: Vrvna tehnika omogoča dostop do vseh delov drevesa brez škode na vejah.
Vrvna tehnika omogoča dostop do vseh delov drevesa brez škode na vejah.
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