Tree diagnostics and arboricultural supervision

The goal of arboricultural supervision and consulting is, from a professional arboricultural point of view, to warn designers, owners, contractors, decision-makers… in a timely manner of what trees need for successful growth or all of which can harm trees and slow down or prevent successful growth.

Arborist control begins with planning , is carried out during the execution of the works and does not end when the construction works are completed, but trees are a living organism and need an arborist who monitors their condition and takes timely measures or warn the owner about the necessary measures.

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Contact person:

Lena Marion

Phone: 051 380 180

She will advise you according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.

ISA Certified Arborist

We have an internationally licensed arborist on our team
"ISA Certified Arborist"
since 2008 and the first NPK tree care at height in Slovenia. The work is carried out by workers who have passed the AVTA and AVTB (Arboricultural Rope Technique) exams and have several years of experience.


Dr Lena Marion; ML-0334A

We provide arboricultural supervision and consulting in various phases and forms:

  • Consultations with designers for new plantings (with the goal that the trees have enough growing space and that the vision of the designers is realized at the same time).
  • Consultations with designers when planning construction in the vicinity of existing trees (with the aim of protecting the trees and their growing space, so that the trees are not damaged and that they will grow successfully even after the construction is finished).
  • Creating an arborist plan and inspecting the condition of the trees with the aim of assessing which trees can be preserved according to the plans and which can be removed according to the condition.
  • Preparation of expert opinions for the protection of trees on construction sites with instructions for contractors (to prevent damage to trees and their growing space during construction).
  • Project review and advice on the protection of existing trees.
  • Arborist control on construction sites with the aim of protecting existing trees .
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Tree diagnostics


The most common inspection of the condition of trees is a visual inspection of the tree from the ground. However, because sometimes this is not enough, we can inspect the trees at a height. Inspections at height are carried out with the help of cranes , with climbing equipment or with the help of a drone .

Visual inspections are supplemented by detailed arboristic inspections using various instruments. With the resistograph, we get an insight into the preservation of the wood tissues inside the tree. We can check the stability of the tree with a tensile test . We can visually check the condition of the roots using the technique of blowing the soil , and the inspection can be upgraded with measurements with a resistograph .

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