We offer the following services:

  • Cutting and harvesting wood in all conditions.
  • Purchase and sale of round wood.
  • Mechanical cleaning of overgrown surfaces and crushing of stones .
  • Supply of wooden piles of various dimensions.
  • Forest care .
  • Forest property management .
  • Obtaining documentation for subsidies .

Free visit on site:

Andraž Peterman

T: 051 217 609

He will advise you according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.

Forest care

  • We carry out afforestation by planting seedlings or with light seeds. According to the recommendations, the seedlings are staked and coated with game repellents.
  • We nurture young forests. We carry out harvesting and care of saplings, thickets, slats and pole trees.
  • We can arrange the documentation for obtaining forest care subsidies for you.
gozdarstvo ozkaa manjs

Management of a forest estate or forest

In agreement with you , we take over the management of your forest and take care of it. We organize tree pruning and felling, as well as the purchase and sale of wood.

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