About us

In 1978, Milan Šercer opened an after-school trade for forestry work. As he was one of the few people in our country who was able to carry out tree felling in extreme conditions, he gave up his primary job and opened his own company (Milan Šercer s.p.) with two employees. They carried out difficult tree felling on motorway routes, along power lines, on steep banks and rehabilitated protected trees according to then-established arboricultural principles.

In 1989 (14.11.1989) Milan Šercer and Marjana Šercer founded the company Tisa d.o.o., which already had five employees. Forestry services remained the company’s core business. In the following years, the company grew and expanded its activities to include the production of wood chips, the shredding of waste wood, the clearing of overgrown areas and the generation and distribution of heat and electricity. At the end of 2021, the company had 43 employees.

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Basic company data

Company. o. o. forestry service company
Abbreviated firm: TISA, d. o. o.
Address: 84 Cesta v Prod, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Telephone: 01 520 93 80
E-mail: tisa@tisa.si

Registration number: 5307023
VAT ID: SI64976858
Activity code: 02.100

Transaction accounts:
SI56 040010049671652 with Nova KBM d. d.
SI56 600000000451994 pri Lon d. d.
SI56 101000045333042 with Intesa Sanpaolo d. d.
SI56 350010001690913 with BKS bank AG
SI56 61000002333333018 at Delavska hranilnica d. d.

ISA Certified Arborist

We have an internationally licensed arborist on our team
"ISA Certified Arborist"
since 2008 and the first NPK tree care at height in Slovenia. The work is carried out by workers who have passed the AVTA and AVTB (Arboricultural Rope Technique) exams and have several years of experience.


Dr Lena Marion; ML-0334A

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