Buying back forest

We buy all types of wood:

  • Buying forest from forest road.
  • Purchase of standing trees or “on the stump”.
  • Felling and harvesting timber.
  • Purchase of timber slab or endings.
  • Purchase of stemwood.
  • Buy-back of woodchips, bark and sawmill residues.
  • We transport timber with forestry trucks.

Additional information
on buying timber:

Andraž Peterman

T: 051 217 609

We offer competitive buying prices and short payment terms.

podjetje Tisa izvaja tudi odkup lesa - prikaz lesa , ki ga Tisa odkupuje

We buy all types of wood. Timber that is ready for the forest road is measured and valued and transported by forestry truck. Before the timber is shipped, you will receive a delivery note showing the measurement and price of the timber, the payment term and other important information.

We also buy wood “on the stump” (standing trees). We carry out felling and harvesting, either in-house or with hired contractors. The felled timber is transported to the truck road, where it is ready for removal by forestry trucks.

The wood we buy is sold on the domestic market, to local sawmills, and the lower-quality wood is processed into wood chips, which are used to supply the larger energy boiler plants.

odkup lesa, ki ga bager na sliki nalaga na kup
odkup lesa in odkup hlodovine, ki se nahaja ob cesti
odkup lesa, ki je naložen na tovornjak
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