Felling and harvesting

  • We carry out forest felling and harvesting with our own capacity and with subcontractors. All contractors have the appropriate professional qualifications and have passed the NPQ.
  • For larger harvesting volumes and with the right terrain configuration, we can organise machine felling which is safe, economical and fast.
  • On very challenging and steep terrain cable harvesting.

Free visit on site:

Andraž Peterman

T: 051 217 609
E: tisa@tisa.si

He will advise you according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.

Tree felling – mechanical felling with excavator

The photo on the right shows machine harvesting of timber for energy needs using Hydraram pliers at the Pivka – Selce site. An excavator uses tongs to cut the tree and pile it up. This method of felling is suitable when felling is not necessary for further processing in the chipper. Mechanical felling with an excavator and tongs is also very effective along water channels or for clearing banks.

Mechanical felling with an excavator is also possible when thinning forest areas. In areas where access is difficult, the trees are harvested manually and then pulled out and prepared for harvesting.

strojna sečnja in spravilo lesa v gozdu s strani podjetja Tisa
sečnja in spravilo lesa v gozdu s strani podjetja Tisa - delavec žaga veje
Gozdarska sečnja in spravilo lesa s pomočjo podjetja Tisa
sečnja in spavilo lesa v gozdu s strani podjetja Tisa

In June 2022, we carried out the felling and harvesting of pine trees for the Črni Kal Agrarian Community. Thinning was used to provide more light and better growth, and round pine wood was used for the piles.

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