Planting and supply of tree seedlings

We provide the following services:

  • A wide range of seedlings is available.
  • We can offer large seedlings at a good price .
  • We offer a comprehensive service including felling, stump milling, soil delivery, installation of ventilation pipes, fertilizing and planting.
  • Demanding transplants .

Free visit on site:

Aleš Grže

Phone: 031 805 222

Milan Umek

Phone: 041 714 883

They will advise you according to your needs and provide you with a quotation.

We supply tree seedlings and carry out planting professionally. Even larger seedlings (18 cm or more in circumference) can be affordable. Depending on the tree species, such seedlings are 3 to 4 meters high when they are planted and provide an immediate effect in the room. We supply ornamental tree seedlings from one of the largest nurseries in Europe.

ISA Certified Arborist

We have an internationally licensed arborist on our team
"ISA Certified Arborist"
since 2008 and the first NPK tree care at height in Slovenia. The work is carried out by workers who have passed the AVTA and AVTB (Arboricultural Rope Technique) exams and have several years of experience.


Dr Lena Marion; ML-0334A

sajenje dreves s pomočjo bagerja
sajenje dreves in dobava drevesnih sadik s strani podjetja Tisa
drevesne sadike v loncih, kar nakazuje, da je dajevnost podjetja sajenje dreves
sadike dreves, iz česar je jasno, da je dejavnost podjetja sajenje dreves

Ornamental trees

The purpose of ornamental trees is to enhance our surroundings, provide shade in the summer, provide intimacy in the garden and generally have a positive effect on our well-being. In cities, the most common types of maple, alder, Japanese cherry, aralia, chestnut, ginkgo, cigar tree, dogwood, etc. are the most suitable times for planting young ornamental trees in autumn or spring.

In order to successfully plant ornamental trees, in addition to the instructions on when to plant individual tree seedlings, it is also necessary to follow the instructions on choosing a sunny or shady location, soil composition and drainage. When choosing a tree species, it is necessary to pay special attention to the final height of the ornamental tree and the volume of the crown – some tree seedlings will grow for decades and may outgrow the space currently available. Sometimes the height can be controlled by pruning the trees, but with some species this is more difficult.

Planting larger trees is best left to the professionals

Planting larger trees, both large ornamental and forest trees, is a job that requires a lot of expertise, because for successful growth we have to take into account environmental factors, the individual needs of each plant and the appropriate time and depth of planting. At Tisa, we supply seedlings for planting larger trees from one of the largest nurseries in Europe. A wide range of seedlings is available for planting ornamental and forest trees. You can also get large seedlings (circumference of 18 cm or more) at a good price.

Are you interested in planting larger trees, e.g. decorative? Visit us. We offer a comprehensive service including felling, stump milling, soil delivery, installation of ventilation pipes, fertilizing and planting. You are welcome.

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